Nano Venture accelerates deep-tech business

As the first deep-tech accelerator in Indonesia, Nano Venture believes that deep technologies such as biotechnology, and nanotechnology promises a brighter future for all.  Unfortunately, actualizing the impact of these groundbreaking research findings in society is challenging – there are hurdles to confront in order to fully reap the benefits of them. 

This where Nano Venture steps in – we bring cutting-edge innovations into market through establishment of sustainable business entity. We do this by accommodating the best ecosystem for the growth of these startups: Nano Venture connects them with pivotal resources in business – operation capital, co-working space, business coaching and link towards investor. We also guide these startups throughout their journey – from crafting prototype, registering intellectual property, validating market, creating compelling pitch deck, securing investment, and building established business.

Founded in 2009, Nano Venture Indonesia currently guides 14 startups in various areas, garnered more than USD 10 million in cumulative valuation and created more than 500 jobs – and these numbers keeps growing!

Notable startups in our portfolio including Nanobubble.id, Nanotech Herbal Indonesia, Schoters, Sinergi Nanotech Indonesia, and Natura.

Meet Our Team

Prof. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, Ph. D

Expert in nanotechnology and technology transfer. Holder of 30 patents in Nanotechnology and various International award

Radyum Ikono
Managing Partner

Science-tech, startup, and education enthusiast. B.Eng from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), M.Eng from Tsukuba University and Ph.D candidate of Tokyo University

Arief Iskandar
Managing Partner

Seasoned business strategist, experienced in financial and marketing for 9+ years, and previously was financial consultant in the biggest investment broker firm in Indonesia

Managing Partner

CEO and Co-founder of Nano Center Foundation for 6 years; expanded exhoustive links of pernertships for actualizing technology

Alfian Noviyanto, Ph. D
Director of Research

Adept reasercher in material science, published 20+ scientific publications. Postdoctoral reasercher in National Institute of Material Science (NIMS) Japan

Dwi Wahyu Nugroho
Director of Operations
Experienced as Vice Director of Nano Center Indonesia for 4 years;
aiming to boost sustainable and profitable technology transfer

Meet Our Advisor

Prof. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, Ph. D
Dr. Etik Mardliyati
Yessie Widya Sari, Ph. D
Institut Pertanian Bogor
Alfian Noviyanto, Ph. D
Universitas Mercubuana
Arief Cahyanto, Ph. D
Universitas Padjajaran
Dr. R. Edmi Edison, Ph. D
Prof. Dr. Ir. M. Nasikin M. Eng
Universitas Indonesia
Wisnu Ananta Kusuma, Ph. D
Institut Pertanian Bogor
M. Ikhlasul Amal, Ph. D
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Since establishment in 2009, we have amassed significant progress – and we are still progressing fast
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Nano Venture is a deep-tech business accelerator focusing on solving problems in society with cutting-edge technologies