Nanobubble manufactures nano-sized bubble system to improve the quality and productivity of fisheries

Schoters is an online end-to-end platform for studying abroad, including scholarship and payment consultation service

Nanotech Herbal Indonesia produces high quality herbal goods through nanotechnology

Natura produces organic and nature-based consumer goods through nanotechnology

Nanosinergi brings experts and academia together to solve industrial concerns through online platform

AdaVendor.com is an end-to-end event vendors online marketplace

Nanobox creates all-in platform for nanotechnology research consulting

Nanoturbo enhance engine performance by nanotechnology-based fuel additives

NanoEdu is a high-school educational service to nurture future innovators and enterpreneurs

Reevam provides all-in solution for smart and modern property – smart home, porous paving block, and vertical garden

Pertiwi manufacture nano-calcium and its derivatives, including hydroxyapatite for toothpaste products

Coating Republic is a one-stop service provider of innovative coating and paint in Indonesia

Brainorus provides an evidence-based and bias-free tool to find the right talent by neuroscience

GeneTera provides bioinformatics solution for rapid and cost-effective biotech pipelines